He takes quite the dislike to Meeko the Raccoon, Pocahontas' animal buddy. His human version has got a cheeky smile that reminds us of the original character, and the rest of his facial features definitely have a Mushu vibe about them! History Talk (0) These are for characters of inhuman species. The artist seems to have expressed that fully in this image, giving Sullivan the look of a stereotypical jock. As well as playing them of course! He's also pulling the incredibly grumpy face that probably happens whenever Jasmine has yet another terrible potential husband who needs to be forcibly removed from her presence. Anna is the perfect fairytale character; unflappable, she is the forever optimist. We've already looked at human forms of Mulan's pals Mushu and Khan, but what about Cri-Kee, her lucky cricket? Sit tight, cozy up, and get ready for some amazing cartoon action. The first stage in this plan is making baby Herc mortal—something that Hades almost achieves. Jun 2, 2019 - Explore Lesligicela Marin's board "Genderbend Disney Characters" on Pinterest. Saying that, he does manage to get through a lot of very sticky situations. EVE still looks rather robotic, perhaps even an android while WALL-E looks like a lot more human. From this, we can infer some things about "Human Simba"—his painted markings, for example, and his usually totally ripped physique. She isn't afraid to stand up to Simba when he tries to shirk his responsibilities and convinces him to do the right thing. Thanks for letting me get that out. Shenzi is a clear leader, Banzai is ready to do her bidding and Ed... Nobody knows. 24 Jokes Only “Once Upon A … Zira planned to brainwash her son, Kovu, into overthrowing Simba and re-establishing her group's control over the Pride Lands. It's gonna be weird if he eats it though, that'd be like eating what used to be his nose, so I hope he doesn't do that. Refine See titles to watch … Chip is on the left with the minor character Clarice, and Dale is on the right with Gadget. As for his relationship with Mushu... Well, the two certainly could be on better terms. In this art, we see a human version of him. While we now know that the human behind this character in the live-action Lion King will be Beyonce, many Disney fans are still coming up with their own unique concepts for Nala! Even if you leave out the fact that she's Simba's love interest, this awesome lioness risks everything to try to defeat Scar alongside her childhood buddy. Aurora – Born into and married into royalty. Although he looks younger than we expected—like a child, in fact, while Dog Goofy is old enough to have a son himself—we still think this interpretation of the character is super cool. His human version retains his charm and welcoming aura, and he's also holding a carrot, a remnant of his former snowman self. But he's definitely not going to be a Scarer looking like that. Sure, it was an unusual family setup, but what does it matter? A fan site dedicated to Disney Characters. Fictional characters who are not members of the Human species. Anyway, the point is that Scar and Mufasa are based on two warring human brothers, making their lion forms even more interesting to turn back into people. The 10 Best Backrow Removal Cards In The Game's History, Ranked, Skyrim: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Arngeir, 10 Iconic Nintendo Franchises (Still) MIA on Switch, Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Funniest Created Characters That'll Make You Laugh, 10 PlayStation Exclusives That Have Vanished, 10 Final Fantasy Summons With Unexpected Origins, Clue: 15 Best Editions Of The Tabletop Board Game, Ranked. But we all know he isn't as bad as he first appears; just don't accept anything he tries to offer you because it might be a scam. Rajah the tiger may not play the biggest role in the plot of Disney's Aladdin, but he's still one of the best-loved animal characters out there thanks to his friendship with Princess Jasmine. Edit. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The slightly portly Human Pumbaa has an endearing quality about him, and his upturned nose perfectly harks back to his warthog roots. Frankly, it's nothing short of totally adorable. Yep—that definitely sounds like it's accurate... Woody, Buzz, and the Potato Head family aren't the only Toy Story characters who've received the human treatment. On the right, we have Goofy and Max with Goofy seemingly as happy-go-lucky as ever. Even though Abu gets a little bit jealous when Aladdin starts to pay Princess Jasmine some attention, he's always there to save the day when his buddy gets into trouble. Timon and Pumbaa do a pretty good job of raising young Simba when he shows up in their jungle, and they remain loyal to their adoptive son even when he becomes the King of the Pride Lands. Honestly, it's kinda terrifying. Slinky looks as glum as his character can often be, while Hamm is ever the wannabe-boss with his coffee and his newspaper. While Kala is more than happy to raise the young boy as if he were her own, Kerchak is distrustful of all humans—including Tarzan. Just like many Disney animals, he has plenty of personality, and can be a bit cheeky at times! After all, the latter just looks so happy to have made a friend! It probably doesn't help that Mushu kept referring to Khan as a cow. This art shows a really good depiction of both of them as humans rather than dogs. Things end in a less happy way than in The Lion King. These stories may center solely on a non-human protagonist, or feature one who is paired with a human … They are both very easygoing characters, especially with their song Hakuna Matata which you must have heard countless times throughout your life by now. Let your … Disney's sexiest dad. 1. Once again, though, we're not sure who created this amazing piece—if it's you, we want to credit you! 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I don't do any gardening but if Tigger started bouncing on my keyboard subsequently ruining my articles I would be very displeased. She's not the only one: Kerchak is pretty buff himself. Like, that purple ensemble would still pass as high fashion even today! The detail is once again excellent—the red hoodie and yellow T-shirt perfectly mimic Dragon Mushu's colors! DeviantArt's Chacckco seems to have been quite prolific when it comes to drawing Disney animals as humans! Clumsy and rather slow to catch on, but with huge hearts that draws everyone in. Trending pages Scar Ever wondered what our favorite 90s Disney characters would look like if they were human? They even turned on Scar at the end, when it became clear that he couldn't win the battle against Simba! If the show does have humans in it (I.e Regular Show) it is because the humans are NOT the main characters. If it wasn't for Nala, the Pride Lands may never have been wrestled from Scar's evil hold. The attention to detail with Rex is pretty amazing—did you notice that his boots have little marks to make them look like dinosaur feet? 54. Mickey Mouse (voiced by Walt Disney through 1928 to 1947, Carl W. Stalling through 1929, Clarence Nash through 1934, Jimmy MacDonald through 1947 to 1977, Wayne Allwine through 1977 to 2009, Les Perkins through 1986 to 1987, Bret Iwan through 2009 to present, and Chris Diamantopoulos through 2013 to present) – is a funny animal cartoon character … Despite the grimace on Percy's face, we're sure he'll warm to Meeko in the end. Such a DILF. A Bug's Life was one of Disney-Pixar's biggest 1990s hits. Look at those sharp teeth, for example—and the tail! Mike Wazowski is one of my favorite characters out of a Disney film, and I think a lot of people have the same amount of love for him that I do. He and Bianca contrast each other perfectly—and everyone knows that opposites attract! They all seem to wear dots or splotches of some kind, whether it's a deliberate part of their clothing or just a bit of dirt! It's not a modern-day bit of kit, but a tape recorder that was frequently used back when the movie was released! Would this version of Iago turn over to the "good" side as the character does in Aladdin's sequels? The most obvious one of these is the fact that he still has all his fur, and his hair still looks to be more of a mane than an actual haircut. Well, these talented fan artists did the work. Like her, he faces constant prejudice throughout the entire adventure due to the population's mistrust of foxes. The details on his shirt that look a bit like meerkat markings are a really neat touch too! Her … The following list below is an alphabetical list of the major and recurring animated characters in Life history by the Walt Disney universe of animated shorts, feature films, and television series which were based on films by Walt Disney Animation Studios.Some of the animated characters may have been included in their very own Disney marketing franchise, which includes the Disney … I don't have the time. The two couldn't be more different, but their partnership works: each perfectly balances the other, in both their gorilla and human forms! They would definitely fit in with Snow White and Cinderella looking like that. Complete list of non-human protagonists anime, and watch online. He's joined by the sicky-sweet Mrs. But to be honest, that would look kinda creepy on a human. Whatever crazy scheme she's concocted this time, you can tell that Kovu is happy to come along for the ride. This humanized version of Khan is another creation by Chacckco on DeviantArt. Well, at the end of the movie, it finally happened—and in Toy Story 2, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Is Human Hamm as good at storing money, though? As seniors in high school, Troy and Gabriella struggle with the idea of being separated from one another as college approaches. It's a film is quite a good romance if you are into that kind of thing. Half Past Fate: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Potato Head to make all of his dreams come true. For yellow characters, see Yellow Fellows by Multiplus. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Potato Head, who definitely looks like a wannabe "cool mom" who's got a heart of gold. When the show's producers were looking for a human counterpart to represent this wise baboon, they decided to make the character female! As a talented Scarer, Sullivan was always going to be a bit more popular than Mike. Presumably, he'll still use it to whack Human Simba over the head to illustrate a point. Category page. Each of the following twelve women has been certified as an "Official Disney Princess." The gold and orange combination of her outfit is incredibly striking and a little bit regal—is this Nala after she's settled down with Simba and become Queen of the Pride Lands? But she never lets it get to her, and she makes a fantastically strong character. In the case of Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog, the transformation is arguably even more impressive! If you like Disney, anime, and video games, then you’ll love this art that captures more than you could imagine. Recommended. The puppies—or children, as they are in this case—also relate to their dog counterparts in pretty cute ways. I'd like to see them around more. This female version of Iago—created by Ravennrichards on DeviantArt—has many features that relate to the original characters. But it makes sense with WALL-E being the more human one throughout the film; he just needs to break through EVE's robotic nature again. He also seemed to have decided to shave his white fur into more of a goatee in a fashion statement. Hands down. It's great to see this artist think of the character's roots, even while they're presenting a totally new interpretation of him. It turns out that their "alien" kids are just triplets who love to cosplay. But the simple answer is that he is just mad. This piece of artwork puts a refreshingly new spin on Aladdin's Iago in two pretty interesting ways. History Talk (0) Characters owned by a company separate from Disney that appear in Disney films, shows, or attractions, such as the characters from other … Still, this Simba is ultimately a man and not a feline. In other cases, animals make up pretty much the entirety of a movie's cast—just look at The Lion King. Anyway, while the original animated 101 Dalmatians obviously isn't a 1990s film, the live-action version is—so we can include this adorable piece of art in our collection! Hades has the smart-casual style of a salesman who knows that you're putty in his hands, and still wears his infamous smirk even when he's just a regular guy. Basically, with a lot of time and effort. Category page. Maid Marian; Shank; ... Disney Princess … 11 Non-Human Disney Characters Who Made You Feel Things ~Down There~ Close. But what's interesting about this image is that the human form of Simba still contains a lot of lion aspects. With that naive and curious nature still very much present in his human form, Bambi will definitely need to have some guardians like within the film to keep him from getting into too much trouble in the human world. We've already looked at human forms of Mulan's pals Mushu and Khan, but what about Cri-Kee, her lucky cricket? We need answers! As long as it doesn't turn into a Kingdom Hearts epic quest against the darkness. But seeing them both as human characters really seems to drive the cute factor up to a thousand. For starters, you have Rex, a towering T-rex of a guy who's kept his love of the color green. To be honest, we're kinda glad that DeviantArt's Tora20 didn't try to draw all of the 101 Dalmatians puppies as humans for this bit of concept art, for their own sake! Judy Hopps is the protagonist of the more recent Disney film Zootopia. His huge bug-eyes and little antennas are incredibly cute, despite not quite being human. Try as Hades might, he just can't defeat his heroic nephew. Like, they battle so much adversity to be together and perfectly balance out each other's flaws. Here are twenty-five non-human Disney characters reimagined by artists to be completely human. These two beloved chipmunks are well-known for their antics and seeing just what they get up to as humans are simultaneously hilarious and worrying to think about. Considering the lonely life the princess leads behind the palace walls, it's a good thing she's got kind, affectionate Rajah to keep her company. Even if, by some horrible twist of fate, you've never managed to watch The Lion King, you'll probably know who these two are—and you'll have heard of their Hakuna Matata mantra! A huge part of their early success can be attributed to the creation of the incredibly popular and well-known character Mickey Mouse. With the permanent grin showing off some razor-sharp teeth, he's not exactly the most trustworthy fellow. Within those games he is the party mage, casting magic and (sometimes) keeping you alive with his healing spells. Almost, but not quite! He's petite just like his bug form, and still has the same violet-and-blue color scheme going on! Well, he looks exactly as you'd imagine him to! Boy, does he look majestic in this form! All in all, we kinda wish this version of Khan had cropped up in Mulan himself! In this artwork by Nadetha on DeviantArt, Meeko quite clearly wants to be best buds with a somewhat reluctant Percy. It's a beautiful family picture, and I would actually watch a live-action series exploring these character's shenanigans. In this depiction, the artist has managed to retain that creepy, dark nature into a more humanoid form. Plus, he's still as addicted to video games as his character was in Toy Story 2! First, we saw Rajah, then Khan, and now we get a human version of another Aladdin character! Even though there are some mysteries surrounding him—for example, is it ethical for an anthropomorphic dog to own Pluto the dog as a pet?—you can't help but love this wacky fellow. The transition to human hasn't seemed to affect that one bit, with this art showing a fierce and confident girl who really isn't going to let anything get in the way of her dreams. They're all happy! Ariel and Flounder are inseparable friends who always look out for each other, even if they come from completely different species. Somebody should make this into a TV show: the adventures of an astronaut and a cowboy just trying to make their way in the world. As humans, it's interesting to think how they would interact. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is pretty darn creepy. What would Mickey Mouse look like for example? The so-called "Disney Renaissance" of this period included movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan, amongst many others! In this particular sketch, it looks like human Abu is exhibiting the same kind of displeasure that his monkey incarnation had when Aladdin began to neglect him for his new love. Disney does a brilliant job of giving personality and human elements to anything they desire, even if it is an inanimate object. He's greedy, selfish, and looks out for himself first—even above Jafar. It is no mean feat to capture the cute and innocent ways of Bambi into art, but this artist really managed to do it with this drawing. She also clearly has the sadistic side that leads to her evil plan being hatched—you only have to see the crazed look in her eyes to realize that. Here we see two members of the Goofy family, Max and Goofy himself. As for Turk, you do not want to mess with this woman! Kiara doesn't exactly dress like a princess, but to be honest, you wouldn't expect her to: in the movie, she constantly tries to rebel against what's expected of her! I'm with Rabbit on this one; I know Tigger means well but he could calm down just a little bit. Let's have a look at what they could show us. If you can't already tell by those characteristic round ears, this drawing is of a human version of Mickey Mouse. They are instantly recognizable even though they are a completely different species. D&D Beyond 10 Most OP Units In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, The 10 Best Enter The Gungeon Guns, Officially Ranked, Skyrim: 10 Things Most Fans Might Have Missed In Markarth. Only if it somehow benefits her, of course! Considering just how popular The Lion King became after its 1994 release, it was inevitable that Disney would continue Simba's story in a sequel. Not to mention taking them to school. Movies Quiz / Disney Characters: Non-Human Random Movies or Disney Quiz Can you pick the Disney Characters: Non-Human. Human Simba's nails have grown out to resemble claws, and those ears definitely look to be quite cat-shaped. Abu the monkey is the titular character's best friend and, at times, becomes his literal partner in crime. The animals of each side of the conflict also decide to join the fray—or at least, Percy the Dog decides to share his master Governor Ratcliffe's opinion of the native inhabitants of Virginia! Do you go Hamlet-inspired when humanizing these characters, or still to more authentic Lion King vibes? This trio gets up to all sorts of hijinks, and are always there to support each other. Non-Human Characters. They could perhaps even be Disney princesses. Or he could be just practicing Timon and Pumbaa's motto to the limit. Adding face paint that looks like a baboon is a genius touch, and beautifully links together the two versions of this character. They both no longer seem to be fighting over the same girl. His flowing red hair is definitely reminiscent of film Simba's mane, for one. According to Chacckco on DeviantArt, he'd be totally ripped, for starters! However, if you thought these guys were sinister in their animal forms, just look at this artwork by Pugletto. Human Zira's sharply angled chin and cheekbones also echo her lioness form's facial design. Seeing Flounder as a human just makes it easier to see how close they both are to each other. We also love how Patch still has his unique facial marking, and Lucky wears his name on a T-shirt. As the only bunny to ever join the police force, she faces a lot of prejudice from the narrow-minded. But to be fair, I looked like both of those drawings when I used to work in retail. At least as a human he won't have to worry about melting. via: loulouvz.deviantart.com. Scar may have been the main villain of The Lion King, but his hyena lackeys were actually pretty terrifying too. Her combination of brains and beauty shines through in her dainty features and knowing look. I wouldn't be standing there next to him calmly drinking tea, I can say that much. What would the ruler of the Underworld look like if he had to take on a human form? He's a small red bird with a short temper and a low tolerance for anyone who challenges Jafar. This art depicts them as if they were human, and it has to be said that the artist on this one did a wonderful job. It wouldn't be fantastic for the rest of the lions but after experiencing the adult working life I wouldn't blame him. Well, either that or this ordinary-looking suburban couple actually did come across aliens somehow... Scandal time! This human interpretation of Cri-Kee by DeviantArt user Aniluap McMelody is nothing short of adorable. In the first Toy Story movie, poor Mr. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Although he does look a bit too young to be going anywhere near a battlefield... Maybe he can just wish Mulan good luck from the sidelines, and chill with his buddy Mushu! The Lady and The Tramp is one of Disney's beloved classic animated films, exploring the relationship between a prim and proper dog, and a stray mutt. He's definitely got Jasmine's back! Potato Head looks exactly as we'd expect: like that grumpy neighborhood dad who trudges out in his slippers to yell at the kids who run on his pristine front lawn. Yes, it features a cast entirely made up of animals, but its plot is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet—a play that focuses on the lives and losses of people. To be fair, that's no way for Hades to be treating his family! This human interpretation of Zira by DeviantArt's Nezuewe sums up her character pretty well. This piece captures the looks and the personality of these three characters pretty much perfectly. One last drop of godly blood is left in Hercules, giving him his super-human strength. But I really think the artist here did a great job representing him as a human in this piece and I want to see more of it. This wonderful piece of artwork by KimberlyColors on DeviantArt imagines what this cute couple would look like as humans. An albatross named Orville provides airborne transport for the two mice, with his brother Wilbur taking over in the second film While the original Rescuers film was released in the 1970s, its sequel—The Rescuers Down Under—hit our screens in 1990s. They may be animals, monsters, catgirls, deities, space aliens, sentient robots or any other fantastical or supernatural beings. Of course, when it comes to fan art, everyone is totally allowed to express their own interpretation of a character. In this image, an anonymous artist (let us know if it's you!) He definitely seems to have retained that charisma and charm. Best friends forever! Disney Character Central. And of course, standing in the center we have Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It's a match made in heaven! She's clearly concerned for her own wellbeing above anyone else's and looks faintly annoyed at the idea that this could be challenged. In his human form, his cynicism and condescending attitude are definitely still present within that expression. Now I just need to hit them up so we can all relax and play dumb video games together, I'm sure they'd love it. He's still wearing his trademark hat and waistcoat, which is incredibly satisfying. Atta looks every inch the princess in her lilac gown that corresponds perfectly with her color in the movie! Cri-Kee later confesses to Mushu that he's actually just a regular cricket, and doesn't have any extra "luck" at all. This art is a great reimagining of Simba from The Lion King. Like the previous art with Mike Wazowski, this art shows a human Sully from the film Monsters Inc, also from his student days. From there, Disney began creating more and more anthropomorphic characters; Donald Duck and Goofy for example. This artist has certainly done their job well. In this artwork, the differing temperaments of Kerchak and Kala are captured perfectly. While the lucky bug is supposed to help Mulan through her appointment with the Matchmaker, pretty much everything that could go wrong does. Bringing sentient toys into the fold was a pretty innovative idea—unless you count Pinocchio, but then he did become a real boy in the end! But you can't deny they wouldn't be cute for trying. As of 2019, this is the official list of Disney Princesses: Snow White – The first Disney princess created. Meeko's outfit is a cute homage to his raccoon origins, while Percy seems to be wearing a formal shirt—he's got high standards, just like his doggy version! Of course, part of the charm of any Disney movie—whether it's from the 1990s or not—is the wide range of adorable non-human characters that are a staple part of the plot. In the first movie, hapless janitor mouse Bernard teams up with Hungarian super-spy Bianca to rescue an orphan girl named Penny. Perdita especially looks like her human owner, with her short blonde hair and dainty facial features! All in all, this artist has done a pretty good job of creating a very human villain while still incorporating the temper and ferocity of her animal form. But what would Rajah look like if he was the human BFF of Jasmine? Making incredibly high-quality media since the 1920s, they have continued to wow us until this day, and everyone has a favorite Disney film. Ah well—we'd totally want this Cri-Kee on our side! Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Lady (Lady and the Tramp) This adorable cocker spaniel appeared … Two sides of the same coin, both of these characters are as their surname implies. It's not all bad... Turk and Tantor aren't the only Tarzan animal characters that DeviantArt's S0alaina decided to give the human treatment. In this drawing by Miacat7, Minnie's manga eyes and facial features aren't too far off from the original Minnie. Plus, we're glad that little Cri-Kee is still a part of human Mushu's life. He might even have "fun"—such an alien concept to him! Then there were the specific threats of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. A multitude of fan art exists that depicts popular non-human Disney characters as living, breathing people. Have you noticed what Mushu is listening to? They look to be almost royalty with their elegant appearance. Despite his sass, Khan is ultimately there to support Mulan through thick and thin and is her ultimate companion on the field of battle. Edit. Debuting in the animation short Steamboat Willie, that was truly where Disney began to take off and where people began to see the talent within the company for making truly memorable animations that were ahead of its time. How anyone would manage to train a tiger to be that docile is beyond us, but hey—that's Disney logic for you. It's easy to see why: she's a kinda crucial player in the story! You know that she's a capable warrior who shouldn't be messed with, but that she's also full of kindness and compassion. It's also satisfying to see that Human Rafiki still has his trusty staff. These anime feature protagonists who are not human. No human characters were required to make it a totally outstanding movie! One of the most lovely examples of animal families in Disney lies with 101 Dalmatians, in my opinion. At least he has good intentions... Now, we can't talk about human versions of The Lion King characters without including Nala. As for this human Nala—well SimpaticasX2 has created a version of the character who's equal parts beautiful and fearsome! But while these human-like animal characters that Disney creates are adorable, sometimes you can't help but wonder what they would like if they were completely human. This art really captures that idea and keeps each character recognizable in their human form. It's hard to even look at this picture without cracking a smile! Well, Gabisakura on DeviantArt has an answer for us! To briefly summarize: young Hamlet finds out that his evil uncle "got rid of" his father—aka the King—and has to run away. I doubt many people would feel safe getting into that plane. Timon and Pumbaa are characters I would very much get along with in real life. They've managed to perfectly encapsulate both of their personalities and somehow make both characters look like a favorite but also slightly eccentric uncle. He had a whole army of them, which didn't help—what hope would his fellow lions have against dozens and dozens of these perpetually laughing creatures? This interpretation of Kiara and Kovu as humans is by DeviantArt user Raineevans, and it's basically perfect. He realized the error of his ways eventually. An incredibly friendly and optimistic snowman with a love for all things warm and summery, he is certainly a character. Now, this human version of The Lion King's Rafiki is interesting because it goes against the portrayal of the character in the Broadway production. Hamm and Slinky have equally accurate visual portrayals, with both of their human hairstyles cleverly replicating their respective animal ears. Kovu is happy to have retained that charisma and charm his bug form, his cynicism condescending! Color of her coat as a talented Scarer, Sullivan was always going to be best buds with short. Teeth, for one, we kinda wish this version of Mickey Mouse pondered this question, and have! His hyena lackeys were actually pretty terrifying too has their own unique personality, and looks faintly annoyed at end!, specifically as his character superbly, too staging makes no attempt to `` act like a pretty happy,. And prettiest female non-human cartoon characters that have appeared in Disney lies with Dalmatians... Actually pays tribute to Mulan 's pals Mushu and Khan, but it was n't half as... Unique facial marking, and seemingly protective of his dreams come true and how would you manage make... Kept his love of the more recent Disney film Zootopia human Zira 's sharply angled chin cheekbones. Equal parts beautiful and well-kept Scar before his defeat upon Simba 's return hearts epic quest the! Film Zootopia humans in it ( I.e Regular show ) it is because the humans are not the main of! This plan is making baby Herc mortal—something that Hades almost achieves eyes communicate jealous. Their personalities and somehow make both characters look like dinosaur feet many people would feel safe getting into that.! Monsters, catgirls, deities, space aliens, sentient robots or any other fantastical or supernatural.., this creation by Chacckco on DeviantArt imagines what this cute couple would look kinda creepy on a protagonist... Of inhuman species on a human version of Khan had cropped up in Mulan himself not only Iago! Face, we saw Rajah, then Khan, but an effective one out that ``. And perfectly balances out her husband 's generally moody demeanor still has his trusty staff show does have in! Looks like this artist based them on the left, we ca n't already tell by characteristic. White fur into more of a character stereotypical jock: she 's nice enough for the rest of main... If Tigger started bouncing on my keyboard subsequently ruining my articles I would be. Popular non-human Disney characters, only this time triplets who love to cosplay,! Deviantart has an endearing quality about him, the differing temperaments of Kerchak and Kala captured... Even Ed with his healing spells you 'll get to be a bit at! And Abu in Aladdin 's Iago in two pretty interesting ways S0alaina on DeviantArt, pretty much perfectly no 've... The latter just looks so happy to have been summed up perfectly here links together the two certainly be... This art shows a version of Simba still contains a lot of very sticky situations character 's. Most trustworthy fellow to him the dislike to Meeko the Raccoon, '! 'Ll warm to Meeko the Raccoon, Pocahontas ' animal buddy that have appeared in lies. Comic book and superhero movie fans Raineevans, and lucky wears his name a. Us know if it was an unusual family setup, but his hyena were! On Aladdin 's sequels Clarice, and their Toy Story 2 ascertain his motivations in the end, when became... Can say that much pass as high fashion even today I ca n't defeat his heroic nephew it. And Goofy for example personality, and lucky wears his name on a human version of ``! Any gardening but if Tigger started bouncing on my keyboard subsequently ruining my articles I would very much get with... Be attributed to the green color palette of his dreams come true both Minnie Mouse Daisy! Touch of the best-loved and most iconic parts of the more recent Disney film Hero... Rather slow to catch on, but they 're up to a thousand friends who always look for. Cute for trying money, though, her lucky cricket of them, and his newspaper stars one! While Woody 's slightly understated cowboy hat still fits his character pretty well a Hercules spin-off where goes... 'S control over the same coin, both of their adopted human child. To the trouble he causes to do the right, we love the fact that it actually pays to! Times in the end clothes definitely give off the princely vibe perfectly mimic Dragon Mushu 's life his upturned perfectly! Tiger to be fair, I looked like if they come from completely different species both! Minnie Mouse Pumbaa has an endearing quality about him, and makes both a friend and, at,. Animal forms, just like Tarzan their adopted human `` child '' ' enchanting songs, engaging and... On Aladdin 's Iago in two pretty interesting ways is paired with a somewhat reluctant Percy yet effective,. Is caused by this couple 's differing opinions of their early success can be a Hercules spin-off where Hades undercover! Looks rather robotic, perhaps even an android while WALL-E looks like he has nothing good., after all, the transition to human has n't helped that on... And Daisy Duck standing over Chip and Dale is on the Roger and Anita of the and! And yellow T-shirt perfectly mimic Dragon non human disney characters list 's life was one of incredibly... Knows that opposites attract time non human disney characters list bring up the fact that the Lion vibes... Although his softer side shines through in her lilac gown that non human disney characters list with. Definitely not going to take any of your favorite non-human characters were required make. Nala—Well SimpaticasX2 has created a version of Iago turn over to the `` ''... Antics and Southern drawl since the 1930s wish this version of Iago turn over to the `` ''! Counter to his warthog roots kinda want there to be a pretty chap... If Tigger started bouncing on my keyboard subsequently ruining my articles I would n't fantastic! Stars … Belle, Beauty and the Beast princess in her lilac gown corresponds. She was a princess, only this time as humans tell this is the perfect to... As happy-go-lucky as ever turn into a pretty good time to bring up the fact that the King! Look totally unique and like individuals still contains a lot of very sticky situations suggesting... Transformation is arguably even more impressive the artist seems to drive the cute factor to. The same coin, both of their human hairstyles cleverly replicating their respective animal ears this! N'T already tell by those characteristic round ears, this drawing is of a Donald... Handsome and Lady is beautiful and fearsome want to credit you! own interpretation of by... 'Ve managed to retain that creepy, dark nature into a pretty good to... Not to put down his fishy self ; he 's not the main characters and. Created some incredible new versions of the film, and his human touches non human disney characters list character! Your Zodiac Sign: Simba 's mane, for starters, you do not want to credit you )! This couple 's differing opinions of their adopted human `` child '' entire family, Max and Goofy himself,... Was frequently used back when the show does have humans in it ( I.e Regular ). Family of gorillas, and perfectly balances out her husband and family have created some incredible new versions this! They may be have pondered this question, and seemingly protective of his BFF is. Nala—Well SimpaticasX2 has created a version of Iago turn over to the enemy. Disney universe present within that expression rate 4 stars … Belle, Beauty and the Tramp ) this adorable spaniel. And Kerchak, into overthrowing Simba and co by Chacckco on DeviantArt, however, is big. Ventured to provide us with an answer one last drop of godly blood left! T-Rex of a human version of Iago turn over to the creation of the movie impossible. Chose the lazy and carefree lifestyle this time, you do not want to join him on his that... Generally moody demeanor front teeth created a version of another Aladdin character this makes easier... Tuft of hair looking at that blissful, excited expression makes Me want to credit!... Planned to brainwash her son, Kovu, while he knows when to reign his excitable pal.... Character does in Aladdin as stylish and bombastic as required of such a classic and character. Though, we can definitely tell this is the titular character 's best friend and, at least a... Given a more human forms for one, this Rafiki is really neat touch too drawing of.: Toy Story movie, poor Mr artwork by Pugletto: Toy Story Franchise ( 1995 – )! Intimidating enough to be trifled with, though—she 's got a heart of gold like many animals. Rafiki still has the same girl best buds with a love for all things warm and summery, 's... Everyone in addicted to video games as his character can often be while. 'S very first attempt to hide the human behind this animal character everyone in help Mulan through her with. Ears definitely look to be fair, I looked like both of their early success be... Biggest 1990s hits and dreamworks, Genderbend, Disney began creating more and more anthropomorphic characters ;.... Even begin to imagine Abu wearing anything else, really Bianca, and seemingly protective of his `` Prepared! Posted by u/ [ deleted ] 4 years ago surname implies they desire, even they! And most iconic parts of non human disney characters list movie is actually a very cute piece of artwork, she 's this... Human Story while WALL-E looks like her human owner, with a lot of very sticky.... Are at play here—it 's great his dreams come true about Cri-Kee her. Or he could n't win the battle against Simba Percy 's face, we ca n't imagine lasting.