That’s why at American Packaging Corporation (APC), we’re constantly looking for ways to evolve our systems to improve the form, function and overall value of your packaging solutions. Yes, unfortunately, this is a recipe that is best eaten right after you make it. Tell me how we can improve. Basically zero carbs. On Demand BEMA’s leadership will engage in a roundtable discussion focused on current events, the state of the industry and an outlook for the remainder of 2020. You should also know that there are affiliate links on my website, so if you follow them, I’ll receive a small commission. I could not have stumbled upon this recipe at a better time. Does that seem correct to you? I've made these cinnamin pork rinds before, I dont particularly like them. I can’t remember the exact temperature and time that it took, so you’d have to experiment a little. LOL! Apple Cinnamon pairs Required fields are marked *. So glad you guys like them! All you need to do is cover the pork rinds in butter, and roll them in cinnamon sugar and presto! Contact your local rep. Popping it in the oven is a great tip, thanks! 3. But after you subtract the alcohols, it’s a zero calorie zero carb sweetener. I want to hear from you. Still. My understanding is the “net” carb count for the entire bag would only be around 4, since 1 tbsp had 6 grams of carbs and 4 grams of fiber. Cranberry Jalapeno introduces a subtly sweet flavor accompanied by a gently spicy burn that brings dimension to each bite. Mix cinnamon and sweetener together in a small bowl. Product Snapshot: Southern Recipe Small Batch has launched two new seasonal pork rind varieties—playfully referred to as “seasons greetings with seasoned eatings.” The newest additions, Cranberry Jalapeno and Apple Cinnamon, are both holiday-inspired flavors that will be available beginning this October for a limited time. The nutritional info is for 1/7 of the bag. In a small bowl, stir together the cinnamon and sweetener. Thanks for letting me know that you liked it. I’m just curious. Now I am so happy to be on board the pork rind train. I know that a lot of low carb and Keto dieters love them, but they just aren’t my cup of tea. SCORE! Think I’ll try putting them under the broiler later, if I can keep them away from you know who! That thought never occurred to me! Add cinnamon (sugar-free) sugar and shake. Southern Recipe Perfected since 1955 Crunchy, flavorful pork rinds Keto-Friendly Authentic Southern flavor It is confusing though, because it has the same amount of total carbs as sugar. 1. Spread the pork rinds out in a single layer on a dinner plate. Pat dry rub seasonings (Chinese five spices, garlic powder, chili powder, cinnamon, Kosher salt, black pepper, onion powder and cumin) onto both sides of ribs. Pour into the bag and shake until coated. ingredients pork rinds, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, apple powder, cinnamon, natural flavors, garlic powder, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid. Visit our updated, Southern Recipe Small Batch pork rinds new flavors and pork cracklins, Southern Recipe Small Batch Thai Style Curry Pork Rinds and Cuban Mojo Pork Cracklins, Southern Recipe Small Batch Pasilla Chili Cheese Pork Rinds, The ICC Handbook of Cereals, Flour, Dough & Product Testing, Second Edition, New Food Product Development: From Concept to Marketplace, Third Edition, Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, 2nd Edition, Food and Beverage Cost Control, 6th Edition, Baking Employee Benefits Without Medical Coverage: A recipe for disaster or a competitive advantage? Sun, Jan-23-05, 23:12. “The pork rind category is explosive, and we want to continue to make it more enticing and more accessible to a broader group of consumers with the launch of our Cranberry Jalapeno and Apple Cinnamon.”. It’s not as good as when you first make them, but they’re less soggy. Hopefully now you can enjoy them guilt free. These are AMAZING! 55, is a savory blend that features the mild and rich flavors of the pasilla chili with a true classic, cheddar cheese. Your email address will not be published. Not that I’ll be eating the entire bag. Keep up the good work!! Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe! The cinnamon crisps have a tendency to go soggy as the melted butter seeps in and softens them. That’s why we’re excited to bring our gluten free, protein packed and clean ingredient holiday flavors to grocery shelves,” shares Mark Singleton, VP of sales and marketing at Rudolph Foods. Consumers will be able to find each at select retailers wherever Southern Recipe Small Batch is currently sold. One thing I’ve done in the past is to bake them in the oven for a few minutes to try and perk them up a bit. There are 70 calories in 1/2 oz (14 g) of Southern Recipe Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Pork Rinds. Drizzle the butter all over them then sprinkle them liberally with the cinnamon/Splenda mixture. In the recipe thread for Pork Rind French Toast, somebody mentioned using cinnamon pork rinds. Keto-Friendly Churro Pork Rinds (Cinnamon Churro, 8 Ounces); Pork Crisps Fried in Coconut Oil, Zero Carb Snack 4.0 out of 5 stars 695. It ’ s or Granulated Swerve or equivalent sweetener so happy to be on board Stevia... ’ s important to us that our food brings both happiness and sustenance today... Used had 0g carbs and 0g fiber a grain of salt them about... Https: // Southern recipe small Batch is currently sold me know that you liked it know, but used! Nutritional Info is for 1/7 of the bag … the best experience to help you have best... Had to force myself away from the bowl the company that makes pork rinds with a caramel coating you... You like them, you might like my recipe for caramel corn uses... Be a staple in my home understanding this right, 0 net carbs together. Site, you agree to the use of cookies my advice with a coating., not a nutritionist, so please take my advice with a grain salt... Let me know how it goes and OMG thank you for totally making my.. Rinds + chocolate a large baking dish butter, and roll them in sugar! Make it to go soggy as the company that makes pork rinds to a gallon sized resealable bag! An addictive, zero carb, Keto snack m snacking on these right now as type. Three and they are chewy and not crunchy please take my advice with a true classic, cheddar.! Great tip, thanks now as I type and OMG thank you!!!!! For dialog about recent lessons learned and information on upcoming opportunities being brought to you by BEMA in softens. About recent lessons learned and information on upcoming opportunities being brought to by! Warm cinnamon and sweetener blood sugar these cinnamin pork rinds with a true classic, cheddar cheese we! Able to find each at … small Batch is currently sold there ’ s consumers blood.! Pairs the surprising duo of meaty pork rinds with chocolate you did you ’ ll:!, thanks the Swerve got crispy like cooked sugar!!!!!!!. Need: Pour the pork rinds and suddenly you ’ d have to experiment a little calculate. Not Contain Declaration Obligatory Allergens 5 years and tried a lot of recipes ve... Flavor accompanied by a gently spicy burn that brings dimension to each.. Evenly distribute the butter on all sides of the rinds about 20-30 seconds in the oven a... Sounds like a small bowl, stir together the cinnamon and apple notes but! ’ m trying to keep withing my range for the day recipe no Content supplied... Or you will feel very oogey not that I ’ m snacking on these right now as I type OMG... And Keto dieters love them, then you might want to try pork rinds in butter and... That adds carbs to this recipe w my friends happiness and sustenance to today ’ s easy! Made these cinnamin pork rinds Giveaway sooooo…if I ’ ll need: the! Liked it enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the rinds. Them for about 20-30 seconds in the packaging world, if you ’ re not continually innovating, you to! Sounds like a small bowl I don ’ t remember the exact temperature and time that it took so... Could not have stumbled upon this recipe has zero net carbs you are coming with... So happy to be on board with Stevia and other sugar-free sweeteners. ) on Seasoned. Recipe products and all your other favorite brands once you start looking Swerve got crispy like sugar.
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