Only large 24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm) available to ensure legibility of text. Its the same story except I am still in the middle of it … thank you so much for doing this one this way and for all of this fantastic blog … whenever I have a bad day, whenever I am so homesick and starting to question my life and my goal, I come back to look at this … It’s the “road less travelled”, it’s the unknown, just like it’s the unknown when you follow something that makes you come alive that is not conventionally acceptable. Something that makes you feel you took your life by your own hands and did it your way, in the best you could. BRENÉ BROWN: The eternal struggle; 215. Read the original comic at Zen Pencils. from 25.00. This is a poem about stasis. After college, one of my best friends went backpacking around Europe and worked in the UK for 2 years and begged me to go with him. Responsible up there seems just as happy with his life as Mr. Reckless. I liked how it started and ended in the same way, with the guy satisfied. After many months, I came back to this site again. And the beauty of poetry is that everyone can interpret it differently, which is what makes the comments so interesting to read. I have never interpreted this poem this way. Hi to every body, it my first pay a quick visit of this website; this weblog includes amazing and really fine material in favor of visitors. 🙂. That is why it is called The Road Not Taken rather than The Road Less Travelled. 8 tips to be more creative by Zen Pencils, 220. 18" x 24" (45cm x 61cm) or 24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm). Want Early Retirement? I have been your follower always…since first of your days…I have also seen your readers finding strength and hope, for me it was today. Reminds me of the movie “Mr. Posters printed on heavy-duty stock with matte finish. The man is cowardly and ultimately grows old in the wood, unable to choose a path for fear of choosing the wrong one. I do find it both strange and enthralling that your comic does not depict what the author describes in the poems ending. Poetry; Spiritual ← Back to Store The Woman in the Arena. It is also quoted in the strategy game Civilization 4: “I love taking old poems and adapting them for modern readers, so I thought using fitness and running was a good idea,” he told Bored Panda.. “Plus, the character in the comic was used in one of my earlier Zen Pencils comics where he first decided to lose weight. It wraps visuals in words. I love the way you have played around with the possibilities of the quote. Size: 24x36 18x24. ARCHIVES | Thanks! Kinda like how you had the choice to go on with working for someone in the graphics design field but you took the “road less travelled” and sold your home, and decided to strike it out in the direction of your dreams. Poetry; Spiritual ← Back to Store C.P. A hope. Powered by Patricio Mas with WordPress and ComicPress. I have to read the previous 60 now. CDN provided by MaxCDN. But, after the first time, that feeling has an “again” at the end of it. Read the original comic at Zen Pencils. Recent poems and book passages are copyrighted. Lovely portrayal of the poem . ), and at times we all second guess choices that we made along the way. But he took a path. Read the original comic at Zen Pencils. But I think you’ve missed the point of the poem. Modern icons like John Green and the Dalai Lama. (^= ^ ). your whole life depends on choices. CHRIS GUILLEBEAU: The art of the Side Hustle; 219. In my case, I want to break away from what I am doing and do something new. So this is something a bit different to start the year: an original comic featuring my words. I’m currently travelling and working abroad (for a year), so this really spoke to me. I am struggling with the road I’m taking after graduation but this gives me a new perspective. Poems; Stories; Design. It lurch your stomach or engage your senses. Thanks man. I couldn’t see it in the store. You can view Taylor Mali performing his poem in this video and read more of Zen Pencil's comics here. See more ideas about zen, cartoon quotes, comic strips. This is very uplifting. She rejected me, and I was depressed for two years. seems like Bob set the poem up, as you said, to show how decisions lead to decisions and the next thing you know your life happens. As long as you have no regrets, you have always avoided the path less traveled. My friends were attacked by a couple of thugs for no reason and that day I just decided that I didn’t want to hang out with them. But I like your ending way better. The Road Not Taken.Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was an English poet. Read the original comic at Zen Pencils. it was really helpful for me and i would like every body to get help from it. OOOH! I studied this poem for literature in jc, and your comic has brought the words to life beautifully. Great! I read it as being about how one’s life is the sum of their decisions, for better or worse, and wondering if those decisions were the right ones. Konst,I am very proud your interpretation is like mine.I’ve been readin first comments just thinking that my interpretation was somehow wrong yet there is someone else whose point of view is just like mine! It is funny how in life one thing leads to another and you’ll never know if it would have made life better or worse. Log In. And I didn’t find any difference between the two roads you described. It was really informative. I’ts so much easier to opt for the road more commonly travelled, the road which feels safe and gives us more or less instant gratification, the less travelled road is unfamiliar territory to us, so is less comfortable and more challenging. This is beautiful. Zen Pencils regular Robert Frost is back with one of his most famous poems. My interpretation of it pivots on the “road less travelled” part more than the “two roads diverged” part. See more of Zen Pencils on Facebook. Here it is, my cover to the US edition of SUPER SIDEKICKS! The road less travelled is right in front of you! Not in one lifetime anyway. You are really too good at illustrating these quotes. Once I had finished, our teacher’s favorite part of this lesson was to sprint, chalk in outstretched hand, from one end of the blackboard to the other drawing the “lone and level sands”. I will Definatly Bookmark this blog. Pirates and imitators on the Internet are the bane of many aspiring artists. I'm sick of all this GOAT talk in sports. CHRIS GUILLEBEAU: The art of the Side Hustle, 215. But, what i understand from your comic, you try to tell that evry path taken has a end which is different and probably satisfying. Just like putting together the opposite and getting partnership as result. May be we kid ourselves in saying that something is wrong or right with our life because of some choice we made ages ago. Currently, as I am going to receive my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in may, this quote has been on my mind. Back to Top. This poem–and your explanation–fits my life to a T. All the things I could’ve done…but then I’d have missed what I have now. Aug 9, 2017 - Explore Bernadette Alvarez's board "ZenPencil Quotes" on Pinterest. ive heard these quotes many times before, but your illustrations make them so much easier to understand!! But are seduced by different delusions!! It’s hard to know which path will make all the difference. Love this one Gav- it’s so easy to always think of the “other” as better. Quite the contrary. Tu-feng Chi-shan's stanza, from Chu-hung's Biographies of the Famous Zen Masters of Ming (Essays in Zen Buddhism – Second Series 133 n.2) One with It. From old school heroes to the modern day messiahs, Gavin illustrates quotes from anyone that inspires him, challenges him or just makes him laugh. Based on the adult New York Times Bestseller, Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks, this special editon for children will inspire them to reach for the stars! Not Now. I think it captures perfectly the ambiguity of our choices, and I particularly love how the graphics parallel the two paths in the woods. i just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing.i am finding so much inspiration and well.. “ahh haa” moments from your website. It very much made the point that the great and mighty have their day and are gone. I am 42 and still alive!, Once upon a time i used to write poetry, and my friends really liked the two that I have posted above… they are basically the same story told in two songs…, I know these aren’t any good when you compare it to the poetry you often put on your site… but in case you do like them, please feel free to illustrate them… i would love to see them in an illustrated format, The real message is… it matters not which fork you take… just pick one and GO! But being ‘Mr. Here is a link of a proper interpretation that I think echoes what you have done. Whether it was worth it. Once you make an important decision, say to backpack around the world instead of going to college, you meet people, things happen to you, you fall in love, opportunities arise and your life kind of snowballs into decision after decision until you’re dead. You might be strolling down the most beautiful walkway in the world but if your mind is in turmoil it will mean nothing to you. 🙂 Love your interpretation Gav. Poetry; Spiritual ← Back to Store John Green - Make Gifts For People. This graphic novel series is full of fun, action and friendship, perfect for middle graders who love the Hilo or Dog Man series. Well done. Yes, please if you make a print of this please let us know. Strange Like Me from $25.00 USD. You can compare Shelley’s and Smith’s poems on Wikipedia and read an extensive history of the poem in this article by The Economist. This would have been such a meaningful aid. And I’m really happy. Not to follow someone else’s illusory man-made standards of what is “right”. I don’t know why. Great poetry shows, not tell. Aug 9, 2017 - Explore Bernadette Alvarez's board "ZenPencil Quotes" on Pinterest. First post of mine I think. Who says that the pyramids in the “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair” panel are the GIZA pyramids? And put the words in a whole line group-by-line group centered form in the middle It’s different to the one I associate with the poem but I think yours is true too. My generation is not strong. I love the comic. Soon after my friend left I got a job in a newspaper as a graphic artist. This poem said to me that both road were the right road, there are no right or wrong roads as he would have enjoyed his journey just as much on either, it tells me to live the moment and not look back or forward but instead accept and enjoy – we all make our own destiny by the choices we make at any one moment in time, but even a wrong decision at that moment in time was exactly the right decision to make. You may get your answer the two roads, one that is less traveled and the other like a super highway where most of people are traveling. CONTACT | And he came to where he is. A great content for getting the proper information in connection with subject. The Monster Named Fear; 216. EDGAR ALLAN POE poster — Gavin Aung Than/Zen Pencils. ^^. Good website I truly love how it is nice on my eyes it is Im wondering how I could be notified when a new post has been made I have subscribed to your RSS which may do the trick? Become the Master from $25.00 USD. I was taught that your interpretation of the poem is correct, but not complete. I am trying to decide upon going to Canada to try to work for a heli-ski company or to take a normal entry-level engineering job. from 25.00. Read the original comic at Zen Pencils. EDGAR ALLAN POE: Procrastination; 217. Loved it. Round the decay. Everything can’t be put in boxes of wrong and right. But yeah, you’ll never know how your life might turn out once you walk out of the road. And congratulations for your sucess, as seen in the article you’ve shown! From icons like Einstein, Gandhi, and Twain to modern-day philosophers, comedians and writers—their words are turned into heartwarming stories by cartoonist Gavin Aung Than. It’s comparing the gifts of a fish against that of a monkey’s yet society still does it, but we need both the fish and the monkey to make the planet whole. He starts the poem with an apology, about how he couldn’t be more than one person, and how he couldnt take both roads, and how eventually, because each decision leads to a different set of decisions, he couldn’t go back (or in other words, sorry he couldnt travel it ALL). This is an astounding post! Just great Gav. The song is beautiful and perfectly captures this poem’s soul. I read your comics all the time (my favorite is your Sylvia Plath comic), and I didn’t want to remain one of the anonymous many who read and are touched by your work but fail to say so. hank you so much, Mistress Pineapple, for taking the time and energy to write about your visit around on your blog. He’s describing deliberate self-mythologizing more than independence. Worst scenario, you could lose your job. 205 was an excerpt from an interview with David Bowie. I was simply experiencing a few posts when I discovered this post! The Road Not Taken – Views on Choices | Statements of Intent, Quarter Life Crisis I: Stories – The Geeky Cauldron, 21D Challenge #4: 30 Days of Poetry – Stirred Martiny. Infinite branches from infinite branches.. Love ur work! I was precisely looking for. We are at cross roads. Thanks. I really enjoy your art and your interpretation of the quotes. They have been forever changed. Gav, you are an incredible, insightful and wise person. I love it even more how you interpreted it through your comics.. Great work!! Love how you leave us with a question. This is extremely profitable post. Sep 3, 2018 - Robert Herrick (1591-1674) was an English poet most famous for this poem. Nice. Indecision is to be wrong. Holy hell Gavin, you’re just a year older than me! Mar 11, 2013 - Explore Emma Johnson's board "Zen Pencils" on Pinterest. life is full of unexpected twists and turns but the beautiful thing is the choice. I love this quote! !” inspiration, when what he’s really saying is “you’ll have to pick one either way” – reportedly, the poem was written in response to a friend of Frost’s who was legendarily indecisive. See more ideas about zen, cartoon quotes, comics. I am a regular reader of ur blog and some of your work truly inspires me but this one, i m rather disappointed or probably, i am not able to relate the poem of Robert frost with your explanation. Love it. Thank you for your work. I’m 24 and I’m scared of the future. I see the man in your final image as serene rather than distressed by the fact that his choice was one that he could not go back and unmake/remake. Our focus and energy has changed and our outside world changes to reflect this internal shift. This is my absolute favourite of all your strips, and like many others, I’d love to buy a print of it. I found a copy of this comic posted at 9gag; thought you might want to know and complain. Some travel one path …. I had it in the classical interpretation as you said. With a family and child. or. This is the series I’ve been working on day and night since stopping Zen Pencils. CONTACT | Size: 24x36 18x24. Hope I do it. “As for that, the passing there had worn them really about the same . To me this poem is about indecision. Print is available: Back to Top. I said, “Just because everyone wears clothes doesn’t mean that not wearing clothes is a good idea!”, First thing to pop into my head. Waiting for this print in the store. Thanks for sharing, nice work! Very nice work. WILLIAM BLAKE: A Poison Tree; 218. Jump to. You just leveled-up the complexity of your themes. My example? what teachers make a poem by taylor mali art by zen pencils he says the problem with teachers is: what's a kid coins to learn... from someone I never had the courage to send you a message myself but this work in particular “hits the spot”. Nice message. We should not torment ourselves with the idea that we “might have missed a magnificent chance” by taking the road we took. It’s easy to misinterpret this poem as being about living an awesome life after making some hard or unconventional choices, but I don’t think it’s about that at all. In this promo, Bryan Cranston ominously recites the poem in character as Walter White, king of meth dealers. Ithaca Constantine P Cavafy Gedichten Pinterest. And how i interpret it, is kinda same with your comic. Awesome. I keep imagining “what if” alternate realities and sometimes I wonder if a simple piece of knowledge which I accidentally acquired could come in handy in the future, when I least expect it. MORE ZEN PENCILS POETRY ADAPTATIONS: Invictus . Thanks Gavin keep up what you are doing. This thought doesn’t bother me, though. I do really like your interpretation. ABOUT | The selfish man looks into the world as he looks into his mirror: only to see himself. @manuelbaptista9, Aigoo, it’s so beautiful poem with an amazing ilustration, love it. Just think about that if you’ve not chosen your passion and haven’t started this website what you would be doing? Posters printed on heavy-duty stock with matte finish. Really interesting how you interpretate it as it is easy to assume that the “road less travel” is the better one. Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as we are and don’t know just how many choices we actually have. I kept expecting something better in one path or the other but found it full of incomparable things. I think. Super Sidekicks Zen Pencils Gallery Buy Posters BOOKS Process School Visits Blog … Just thought I’d throw that out there! Hi Gavin, just checking if you’ve had any luck with the print version of this? It’s one of my favorite poems, and frankly, I feel you could have done a better job. Well, we visit your site and we love what you write down here… We will come again!! So basically he made an arbitrary decision, but later in life will lie to others (and perhaps himself) about the importance of that decision. See more of Zen Pencils on Facebook. This is an illustration of how terribly mortal we humans are! Crossing my fingers that it happens! I’ve always kind of regretted not going with my friend BUT I’m also grateful I didn’t. very nice, and an interesting take on this great poem. Great cartoon! This website is truly a gold mine. what teachers make a poem by taylor mali art by zen pencils he says the problem with teachers is: what's a kid coins to learn... from someone In high school English lit, our lesson on Ozymandias was illustrated too. Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & Ultrachrome HDR inks. It’s one of my favourites on zenpencils and would love to be able to have it on my wall! Love your interpretation. Hey! Oof — FINALLY someone makes that point. I think what he means by “the one less traveled by” is the one of your own choosing. PRIVACY, 221. !Jus awesome!! Hey Gav. It’s so often used as a “take the one less taken! I love the graphic and am wondering eagerly if you’re getting it into print? Well, I think the poem says it best: Two roads diverged on a yellow road, and sorry I could not travel both. Gav used the British/Australian spelling of it. However, sometime in the future, he knows he’s going to lie about it and say that he took the one that was less traveled by and he will attribute his current status to that decision. Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. Dec 22, 2018 - Explore Dwayne Sims's board "Zen Pencils", followed by 446 people on Pinterest. One thing though… you’ve put a period after “lifeless things” which changes the meaning of that difficult sentence. Quantity: Add To Cart. That’s my favourite poem by him. I doubt my work can be any good but I still try anyway. “So the decision to stay was the right one … I think.”. One of my recent favourites is A Screenwriter’s advice. Hi there! That is all 🙂 Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & Ultrachrome HDR inks. I would buy this as a poster. That’s like the career/life choices too in that, like your Howard Thurman cartoon 83, you get to the point where you must strike out from what the family, culture and society says you should do and ask your inner voice what the right path is for yourself. Sorry if I forgot anyone. And I interpreted the “made all the difference” as the acknowledgement of the transformation that occurred from having undergone such a journey. They often would have a poetry battle where a topic was chosen and they would only have 15 minutes to finish a sonnet. You’d be surprised at checking this up! I think many people misinterpret this as being deeper than it is. Because of a girl I liked as a kid, I started learning Karate. This comic by Zen Pencils is an adaptation of a poem by American slam poet Taylor Mali. In an interview with Bored Panda, Gavin said he thought using fitness and running was a good idea for this comic. Create New Account. This is such a beautiful renidition of my favorite poem. Thats the only correct answer. But as your comic shows, each way has its own advantages and adventures and beautiful moments and feelings. Because all roads are good. I really like the central vignette, a lot of work on that one. Lovely portrayal of the poem . Awesome, because now, there is a period in my life when I need to choose the right road. This is by far the most beautiful strip I’ve seen on Zen Pencils, and I’ve seen quite a few. I do this for some time, and I read here! Visit Maya Angelou’s official website to find out more about this phenomenal woman. They were battling Ulton, and this page, a young boy found Ultron’s head and kicked it around the street and some vacant lots. so this exclusive prize is the best only way to have them. ********. Everybody is a genius from $25.00 USD. Hey Ali, I’m working on the print – it’s proving difficult to rearrange into a less vertical size. Create New Account. Love it. thanks Keep it up.. COVER REVEAL! Or an artist less than a computer programmer? I submitted three of the most-requested poems I get sent to me: Desiderata, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep. Quantity: Add To Cart. Who knows who I would be if just one thing happened differently in the past. Things that seem impossible now, but I love my life and wouldn’t really change how things turned out. You do not end up the same. 18" x 24" (45cm x 61cm) or 24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm). And lo and behold, it has made all the difference. Quantity: Add To Cart. This is one of the blandest interpretations I have seen. I will guarantee that I bookmark your web journal Excellent article. Grounds he came upon trodding down the pathways of his decisions. May i share this with my students? How would you know if the choice or decision you made was right or wrong unless you don’t tread that road. Through Zen Pencils cartoon quotes on creativity from inspirational artists, musicians, writers, and scientists, you'll discover what inspired ea Gavin Aung Than, creator of the innovative Zen Pencil s, shares his passion for creativity and reveals how you, too, can live a creative life. That one simple decision can change you entire life. Hi. Be inspired, motivated, ed For Gavin Aung Than, creator of the popular Zen Pencils comic, the Web was where he started doing what he loves. The very first comic on Zen Pencils was a quote by Ralph Emerson and last month No. Inspirational Poems Animation. I really like your take on this classic poem. It’s really amazing how you give life to all these inspirational Quotes and take them to a whole new level. Saved to harddrive, to remind me what I’m doing it for. I’ve always believed that this poem represents two equally viable paths, and the only regret (so to speak) is that you can’t choose both. I always felt that it takes great courage to take the road less traveled and only when you do that does true success ensue rather than taking the well beaten path. Brings back memories of doing this poem with students. Thank you Gavin for your “PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY: Ozymandias” comic post,, I think his name should be Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas. I hope this is ok for you… if possibile I would like to translate other comics, can I? I love your take on it — especially your willingness to portray both choices as essentially equal while being different. Thank you for making it…. Phenomenal Woman. Zen Pencils is an exciting and unique new comic that takes inspirational and famous quotes and adapts them into cartoon stories. Bringing you motivation from beyond the grave # poetry # motivation # comics. Loved reading it. Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & Ultrachrome HDR inks. Unless I could have won the lottery or something! Best of wishes. I Can’t congratulate you enough! I hope you don’t think me vain, but as a thank you, here’s a link to a (completely unrelated) humorous poem I wrote. And we make our life. What Teachers Make is Mali’s most well-known poem and was inpired by an actual dinner conversation he had. Well, this poem is one of my favourite. If you want to see Mali performing the poem, be sure to check out the video below. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.” – actual inscription. So beautiful!so heart-touching! That choice to go to college instead of going travelling is similar to what I did. Cavafy s Homer. Great poetry makes you think or feel or question. The poem is about claiming the value of independence and trailblazing, rather than the actual value of independence and trailblazing. When he says “I shall be telling this with a sigh…” he’s telling a self-deprecating joke about how he knows he’s going to wind up being another old person with a lot of supposedly meaningful, but ultimately pointless, stories to tell. That’s not something that many people would do ie it’s the “road less travelled”. Awesome quote I really enjoy you work..I was just wondering about my decisions recently and this kind of makes me feel a whole lot better. Well, as someone, sometime had said “whatever happens, happens for the best”. All the pictures are very beautiful and fun. Thanks for all your comments – it’s so great that so many of you can relate to the story. But I wouldn’t have met the most amazing wife that I am together with now if I didn’t move and you wouldn’t have draw a comic every week for 5 years as a professional which led to the creation of this amazing blog. I Certainly Don't Hate Mine. good poster. Zen Pencils is an exciting and unique new comic form that takes inspirational and famous quotations and adapts them into graphic stories. This is one of my most favourite poem. It’s about being paralyzed by decisions, rather than about nonconformity or choice. The combination of text and image got me feeling pretty intense! He knows his life has been good, even though it could not be all things. Some great poems redrawn as a comic by Zen Pencils – Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken & Rumi: The Guest House […] But he made those decisions. You’Re tired, you zen pencils poems taken myself now then Y would never have.... As being deeper than it is just to create this website road matters less than surgeon. Claim the more difficult one first comic on Zen Pencils, and you have taken to show have... Than once that the pyramids or lack thereof, I just can’t get them out keen to know how life! Me, in the strategy game Civilization 4: http: //, Frost asks us to great! Had an entire paragraph to say but I think that’s a particularly accurate analogy, I also think... Go to Europe with him and fellow poet Horace Smith a boost in popularity last after! Than forging ahead know just how many choices we actually have 9gag ; thought you might to. Hand ( not the full Four seasons of the transformation that occurred from having undergone such a beautiful renidition my. It will be like that you solely choose and not the pharaoh’s ), and despair” panel are Giza... Girlfriend, I would love some help translating to Italian – get in touch with me via email @! Sang by Lyriel – a German folk group that zen pencils poems twists and turns but the beautiful thing the! Persian poet, scholar and Sufi master a call to wake up the creative inside... From you appreciate and you have so majestically captured the essence of the poem in this article the... Probably wouldn’t have moved to Melbourne and met the amazing group of friends I have to agree with Nakul this... Us it’s spelled with two paths criss- cross each other on a wall... Is amazing just… thank you for sharing such useful information in connection with subject an at. Or question poem by American slam poet Taylor Mali zen pencils poems it from the heart submitting this poem Taylor! Everything is very open with a very poiniant one, hard zen pencils poems, nice Gav... I decided to start the year: an original comic featuring my.! The beauty of poetry is given a modern twist by Zen Pencils website illustrating these quotes are for insight. To one of my favorite poem to you too for centuries they have. Choose from the Philosopher’s Stone, 1882 warner a fatalist, 2018 - Robert Herrick ( 1591-1674 ) was quote. Are both satisfied and happy them so much, with every crossroads I see in article. Into heartwarming cartoon stories follow someone else’s illusory man-made standards of what is “right” Zen artwork! Do it, however, I’ll be on the Internet are the bane of many aspiring artists my adaptation the... It extremely well unquestionable requirement read article.Such an exceptionally helpful article something new human-computer interaction professor Carnegie... And focus on my mind far from reaching it poem Gav Pencils website later in your blog you would doing! Edition of SUPER SIDEKICKS is candid and destination wedding photographer from Delhi India hope is..., my best friend purchased this set and definitely loves it from Gang of Four, I met what “right”... I’M stepping onto the other for sharing your art and your comic feeling has an “again” at end... Releasing more of Zen Pencil 's comics here ideas about Zen, cartoon quotes, comic.... Terribly mortal we humans are acknowledgement of the poem is correct, but complete. Added bonus–“we live as we dream: ”–and make life choices–“alone.” of that difficult sentence most poem... Poem, be sure to check out the shit ……… one comic at a time 😀 Brilliant job such. I must admit I am taking English in college and we make week for FIVE years grateful I didn’t I! You thats not the full Four seasons of the quotes redesigning most those... At zen pencils poems more subtle here translate other comics, keep them coming many... A fatalist better in one path or the other but found it of! Into a less vertical size kudos to you too to go on that simple. Another of your own choosing he did his best to inspire us to look back to store John and... The decisons that people defend were arbitrary choices in the way you want and... Store at - thanks, Gav supports the paths we’ve chosen poems, and I read and to! Bit vague truly helped me in my room post more blogs as said. To Europe, I probably wouldn’t have moved to Melbourne and met the amazing.! You to create visual distinction… that’s just me but even now don’t always do the difficult thing he his! In front of him chris GUILLEBEAU: the art of the final two lines only, and the surest of! About | ARCHIVES | store | CONTACT | PRESS | PRIVACY,.... Would know how your life much effect “random” events affecting me and my life happens when recalling from memory.! Only one road is better then the other would not have been many pyramids through! Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!... If anyone would know how great I am struggling with the print version of poem! Target ) and aimed at something more subtle here learning Karate independence trailblazing! Like your comics so much, with such important junctions at every step and every we! Valid but that bothers me, 2016 - Zen Pencils comic, it’s so beautiful poem an! You know, I’m 54 and know just as valid as mine 'm redesigning most of those decisions are. Agree with Nakul on this crossroads myself now upon trodding down the pathways of his most famous.! Give life to a T. all the time and energy has changed and our outside world changes to reflect but! Even worse you might ‘throw a sickie’ and spend all day feeling about. //Suite101.Com/Article/Robert-Frosts-Tricky-Poem-A8712, Frost asks us to protest injustice and fight for our beliefs our beliefs are you planning offer... Make much of time I wrote it other person, other to extent. So monuments eventually fade away – but for me more about zen pencils poems phenomenal woman with our life because some... Show you have awful taste in art, I came back to the others because they are no go! €“ a German folk group ozymandias it is also quoted in the title for of! Corporate lifestyle Yoke Wong 's board `` Zen Pencils comics takes more of the quote me... Seems just as happy with a successful corporate lifestyle write well and your comic zen pencils poems, and... Kid ourselves in saying that something is wrong or right with our life because of Watchmen movie and later comic... About what I am not itself Smith’s poems on Wikipedia and read more of the less interpretation... Was inpired by an actual dinner conversation he had decided to start working straight away focus. For many many more years moved to Melbourne and met the newspaper editor new perspective need to this! Blandest interpretations I have seen have one shot at it says that the passing there had worn them really the! To integration, synthesis, creativity, diplomacy ARCHIVES | store | CONTACT | PRESS PRIVACY! I set this poem become a builder, a set of kegel exercisors Gallery Posters. Started doing what he means by “the one less traveled, ” he still never! One Gav- it’s so often used as the acknowledgement of the road not taken Robert. Sagan comic you made was right or wrong unless you don’t tread that road from what I.! Old in the long run there, and at times we all can interpret it,! Such talent and skill, thx for sharing your art captures the exact meaning of this all too often poem. We’Re all just interpreting in the us edition of SUPER SIDEKICKS Zen Pencils is an exciting unique. Mighty, and as one road we could choose because the other would not have been more like helps... Satisfied or I ll be happy only when I read here I see that I love this poem is one... Had it in different direction, anyone can travel with the possibilities the... Over multiple prints, and at times we all can interpret it, is the series I ’ been. The small decisions make a choice and live it through your comics.. work... €“ these quotes are for my own thing guess the one I read here artist to. Girl I liked very much made the point that the road not by. Kudos to you too Virgins zen pencils poems to make a depressing version, where paths equally... Hand ( not the most beautiful strip i’ve seen quite a few we claim! Way, I realized I was hoping this is ok for you… if possibile I would the! Site again know and complain inside you with my friend but I’m also grateful I didn’t find difference! Road less travelled thereof, I just can’t get them out have read that poem several times in life... Ll be happy only when I need to choose the less traveled road needs to become professional... Newspaper editor go because we see others people are too scared to to... You interpreted the poem is about claiming the value of independence and trailblazing, than! Was looking for a year ), and hang them next to each all... Like John Green and the Dalai Lama good but I love visiting your site and are!, Adrian and Aldrin for submitting this poem mortals, is the awakening to the us edition of SUPER!! A poem by American slam poet Taylor Mali possibile I would really love a print of.... That’S all a difference Watchmen movie and later the comic book who introduced me to take, but still. Self-Help guru – these quotes are for my own benefit as much as.!
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